Inbound Smart Numbers

Smartnumbers are 13, 1300 or 1800 telephone numbers available through an auction process.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) is the Commonwealth Government agency responsible for the fortnightly auctions.

Auctions normally commence on Wednesday at 11 am concluding at 4 pm (Victorian time).

Smartnumbers may be used by individuals/businesses to make numbers more memorable when they can be translated into phonewords e.g., 1300 932 428 = 1300 WEBGATE or are patterned numbers 1300 222 222.

YouPhone Smart Number application fee for Service $150.00 Per number


A smartnumber, or phoneword, can be a valuable marketing tool for your business, it’s the best way to improve your customer’s awareness of your brand.

It can either be:

a highly patterned number, like 1800 222 222, or
translated into a memorable phoneword, like 13 CATS (13 22 87).

A caller dials a phoneword by pressing the corresponding letters on a telephone keypad. Phonewords can be easier for callers to remember, particularly if they can be linked to an organisation’s name, product or function.

For example 1300 POTATO is much easier to remember than 1300 768 286, especially days or weeks after first seeing or hearing the number advertised.

Endless possibilities

All 13 numbers are followed by four numbers and all 1300 and 1800 numbers are followed by six

From an advertising perspective, the word may be displayed in a longer form. For example, 1300
SMARTDOG (1300 762 783 64). The true phone number is 1300 762 783, this is the number that should be entered when going through the auction process.

Once the number has been acquired it can be advertised as 1300 SMARTDOG. When somebody calls the number it will start to connect once 1300 762 783 has been entered but the caller will continue to enter the 6 and 4. This is referred to as an "over dial".

Consider limiting your over dial to no more than one number for the 13 range and three or four numbers for the 1300 and 1800 range to avoid confusing your callers.

It is also recommended that, before purchasing a number, you confirm with your phone company that an over dial is available. For privacy reasons it is recommended you do not disclose the particular number you are seeking with the phone company you contact.

You have three years from payment of the winning bid amount to get the number activated. This allows you to secure the number now but not have to connect it straight away, giving you time to set up your business, marketing or advertising.

Activation means that if someone was to call the number they would be connected through to you. Failure to activate the number in time will result in the automatic loss of the rights of use for the number.