1. Who is YouPhone?
YouPhone provides communication services to homes and businesses through some of the largest networks in the world. We believe that people should have the right to communicate at the best possible price and get the best possible customer service.

We access the global telecommunications network at wholesale prices which allows us to pass on the savings to you.

2. Are there any costs or charges involved?
Joining YouPhone is free of charge in most cases. All that you will pay for is the cost of your telephone calls and the products/services you use.

3. Will my phone number change?
Your number will remain the same

4. Can I transfer my 1300 and 1800 numbers
YouPhone can arrange to "port" your inbound and/or freecall numbers from your current company and offer you savings in the process.

5. I think I am contracted to my current provider!
How do I know if I am?
It is very rare to see fixed wire lines and inbound services for a business under contract. But if you are in doubt please contact your provider.

6. How long does it take to transfer
To YouPhone from my current provider, in most instances 5-10 days. All phone companies have 30 days to release services so please consider this.

7. What about my mobile phone?
YouPhone can combine your mobile and fixed line charges all on the one monthly easy to read bill. There is no need to change your existing phone numbers.

8. How do I request?
New lines, relocations and other products and services like line hunt and message bank etc, please call us on 1800 835 262 and we will be more than happy to setup all of these, and more, for you.

9. If I am experiencing a fault how do I report and resolve it?
If there appears to be any type of fault on your line then you can contact our fault logging service on 1800 835 262. If it is a network fault, it will be cleared as soon as possible. If it is a line fault a technician will be arranged to attend within maximum 2 working days.

10. What will my bill look like?
With YouPhone, you will receive your bill in an electronic (soft copy) pdf format. Beyond this, the "view your bill" option on this website with your user ID and password allows you to view & create itemised call data reports.